About Us.


Sadranoor Company is founded in 2000, with the field of construction in perspective. The major practice of Sadranoor Company is construction in terms of massive scale in particular. However, alongside advances development in that field, the Company is also conducting other fields, including industrial structures, constructing water treatments and wastewater and administrative and support activities in the field of huge construction in residential and industrial townships. Moreover, in addition to local field, the scope’s activities of the Company reached to international level.

Sadranoor Company defines its full participation in order to develop construction in Iran. The Company tries to achieve its main goals through improving scientific methods and increasing performance ability. Implementing massive projects and completing those on time are a result of a comprehensive management and improvement performance process. In order to alignment with current standards of construction industry and to flexible specific tastes of employers, the Company has special attempts to enhance these important purposes.

We are very proud to announce that we achieved -construction grade 1- which confirmed by the Vice President of Strategic Planning. We also achieved grade 1 of massive construction and achieved grade 1 as additional capacity of performance as well, from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. Reaching to top level of the construction capability is based on selecting experienced engineers, advanced knowledge and modern equipments and this method is pursued by the company with full enthusiasm.

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